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Sibei Authentic
Super real prints that are not false and of good quality. Made in Singapore.
"Sibei" is the synonym of "Super", "Very", "Extremely"

Based in Singapore, Sibei Authentic is a craft shop that specialise in linocut printmaking and handlettering. With every new design, we 
tries to bring out the Singaporean flavour by having the mixture of English and Chinese typefaces. We aim to create prints that you can relate to and further adding in our sense of humor. 

We produces every item with our own hands and integrity keeping it real to own "Sibei Authentic" philosophy.

"Sibei is a Singapore English (Singlish) word that the crafter frequently use. the crafter feel that the word can relate to him in all kind of situation because he likes to intensify his words. Hence, he named it "Sibei Authentic" to make sure that the prints he produces are of authentic quality.